The problem for the animation were pretty easy, cause the animation was added when I exported everything.
So by just adding an animation tag and connect the animation to it, don’t forget to delete the animator and set the animation to a legacy.

The texture was a bit harder, but is solved as well. The texture was impossible to add it to the export. Every time I tried it I got an error that it was impossible to add the texture. I tried baking it, adding it to the export and so many more things. But nothing worked. I ended up importing the texture to unity and add it to the bubbles. But their was an other problem that occurred… The texture wasn’t transparent. I opened the texture in photoshop, changed the transparency, saved it as an png and imported it in unity.. This didn’t solve it. So I asked google. There I read that you had to create a legacy shader. Using Transparent – Cut out – Soft edge unlit, I was able to create a transparent bubble.

And it’s workingggg!!