I did some research and there are a few ways to create an 360 video/app.

Virtual reality
This is an really good way to set the monster in 3D space. It’s also pretty easy to accomplish. I can upload the monster in Unity3D and export it as an app. I do need some codes to make it ready for VR, but it is doable.

Augmented reality
This is an really good way to see the 3D monster. It’s better cause I don’t need to create an space around it and you don’t need vr glasses. But it is much harder to create an app for augmented reality. You also need unity3D, but also Vuforia. Since I’ve never worked with Vuforia before, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to create an app with it.

The third option is an 3D video which I can upload to youtube. This is really nice and much easier, but you can’t see the monster from all the sides. So this will be the back up idea.

I will take a look at Vuforia and from that I’m going to make a decision if I’m going to create an augmented reality app or virtual reality app.