Short keys

After Effects F9 = easy ease cmnd + arrow right = move one frame right cmnd + arrow left = move one frame left cmnd + shift + arrow right = move 10 frames right cmnd + shift + arrow left = move 10 frames left r = rotation t = opacity p = position cmnd + alt + / = replace footage cmnd + shift + d = split footage shift + number =


Bounce n = 0; if (numKeys > 0){ n = nearestKey(time).index; if (key(n).time > time){ n–; } } if (n == 0){ t = 0; }else{ t = time – key(n).time; } if (n > 0){ v = velocityAtTime(key(n).time – thisComp.frameDuration/10); amp = .05; freq = 3.0; decay = 8.0; value + v*amp*Math.sin(freq*t*2*Math.PI)/Math.exp(decay*t); }else{ value; }

Final VR

So the final app is done. It looks fun, I like how the soap bubbles turned out. I’ll upload the original unity project to blackboard.

Monster Official Still

So this is the official still from the monster. The monster escaped the white cube room and entered the real world. The last thing I should explain about this still is the grass, I created the grass from a hair simulation. This was my original first learning goal, I just changed the learning goal because I thought I couldn’t make it. And although it’s not real hair, the grass looks good and I’m really glad

Unity VR 6

Right now it’s just optimising the character and light set up. I chose to use a basic environment. No colours, just with cubes and white walls. So the monster is the most colourful object. The idea behind this is that the monster comes to bring colour to this world, cause everything is gone, but the government doesn’t want the world to be colourful, so they locked him up. He has to break free using his

Unity VR 5

The problem for the animation were pretty easy, cause the animation was added when I exported everything. So by just adding an animation tag and connect the animation to it, don’t forget to delete the animator and set the animation to a legacy. The texture was a bit harder, but is solved as well. The texture was impossible to add it to the export. Every time I tried it I got an error that it

Unity VR 4

I set the monster to unity. It looks a bit scary though… Next step; find out why my animations don’t work and why the bubbles don’t have any textures.

Character 7

I wanted the character to hold a bubble gun. Because vr is boring if nothing happens. Creating the texture for the bubble was pretty hard… I wanted to use a crater, 3D texture and a ramp, but somehow it was impossible to render this. It turned black all the time. I found the problem and it should be rendered in Arnold or with mental ray. Arnold doesn’t support transparent textures. Mental ray shouldn’t be a

See the monster from all sides… or not

So i’ve been busy creating the VR app, there’s just one problem right now. Most of the phones can’t measure your movement. So it doens’t notice your walking through a room. This makes it impossible to make the character visible from all sides. Unless you want to create an stupid video where you just rotate the character… Not really my idea of something fun to watch… So I’ll just keep going with VR but just

Unity VR 3

So I’ve tried many different things to make it work for android.. But I can’t make it work 🙁 When I build it it keeps asking for an SDK file.. I tried to download it, but it still doesn’t work. It seems pretty impossible to make it work. For now I just move on. Since it’s more important to set the character to VR.

Unity vr 2

Yeaaaay it works! I’ve found an other basic scene and some better and more clear scripts. I changed them a bit so it would work. But it’s only working for iphone right now… Next; I have to find out if I can make it work for android aswell.

Unity VR 1

So I tried to create an vr game from a simple game. But it didn’t work… (ps. I downloaded the game so I could just test differnt scripts for vr) Next step; check what’s wrong with the scripts.

Character 6

Work in progress. Still have to fix the helmet, but the little monster had a face!!

Character 5

Update!! I created the helmet. I duplicated the head, resized one of them. Selected both of them and used boolean to create the helmet.

Character 4

Let’s see.. So I stayed with the original character. I created the belt using a curve and stretched the cylinder around it. Using constrain – motion path, visualise – creation snapshot. What happens is; the cylinder is animated around the curve. You create a snap shot, so every frame is a still and the curve is filled with cylinders. After this you delete the ones that don’t look good or if they are overlapping.

Character 3

So I decided I didn’t like the childish character and thought it was better to create a more realistic character… Never been so wrong in my life…. It looks nice, but there’s no space for the legs. And it’s far from how it’s supposed to look. I’m going to stick with the original character, it’s much more fun.

Character 2

Just an update how the character is looking right now.

Character 1

I‘ve been busy building the character in maya. Got the advice to use a basic head shape and use sculpt to make it like a sphere. This way you keep the position of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. And is it much easier to build the character.

Different ways of 360

I did some research and there are a few ways to create an 360 video/app. Virtual reality This is an really good way to set the monster in 3D space. It’s also pretty easy to accomplish. I can upload the monster in Unity3D and export it as an app. I do need some codes to make it ready for VR, but it is doable. Augmented reality This is an really good way to see the

Sketches 1.0

I made some sketches of the character. How it looks from the front, side and back. I tried to create a small story, so I can add some more emotions to the character.


Meet the monster made by Nour! I chose this little guy because there are a lot of possibilties.


This is the final video!!!! I’m really glad it turned out this way! It’s been a hard and difficult road to finish this video, but I made it. Even after losing more than three days due to a weird problem with my ssd and hdd, I learned so much more than just rendering and fluid simulation. I also learned all the different ways and shortkeys to reset my laptop and how to change hdd’s and ssd’s.

Second official render

Hello! Here is the first render with voice over, but no music. I saw that there are still some problems with the fluid simulation, so I will fix that. Also the colors are a bit odd, so I will change that as well. I’m excited to hear your opinion!  

First official render

This is the first official render, Im not sure about the textures… It looks kinda weird..I have to find a way to create better looking fluids than just changing the opacity. Also the lighting and the plane are not that great either. I will have a look at it! And most important I have to add the water stream and a tap!